Breakfast Time

Le Petite Abeille
If you are in NYC, you must check out this restaurant. The decor is very cozy and welcoming and the brunch is fantastic.
 Sorry I turned your body into a cubism painting!! :)

 omelette stuffed with tomatoes, portobello mushroom, lobster and sour cream. 

Slipping In-N-Out of Thanksgiving

New York City

Shanghai Cafe

 Into the Woods of SF

 In-N-Out! mmm So good!

With only 2.5 days in SF, we made the most of our trip by spending time with his family, enjoying a foggy morning with the redwood trees, eating lunch at In-N-Out and stopping by Hooters to check out... the chicken wings. :) We then spent the afternoon at Pier 39, admiring the street performers and reminiscing about our childhood.