ever since i moved to downtown, i've felt a lot more at home. i think it's because of the cool space, and the city life that i walk out to everyday. it feels more like HK and NYC. besides the many crazies that roam the streets, it's not as smelly as NYC surprisingly and i just love how there's so much to do within walking distance! speaking of.. i'll be back in HK soon for a good chunk of time and i can't figure out what to pack! i've always been a horrible packer. "well what if i want to wear this? and what if i need this? ... i guess i have to bring it all!" and then i end up shopping there and buying so much that i need a second bag to carry back. this time.. i'm going to try and pack light. 

so i have to rave about these lovely cut out booties. they match everything! this time i paired it with leather shorts, stripes and my handmade clutch from the west elm workshop by toni! i've replaced my usual watch with this arm cuff and kept it simple with a few rings. this is my "getting ready for the real city" outfit. so excited for home!

photos by justfeng
hat - zara | tank - urban outfitters | shorts - nastygal (on sale!)
boots - lucky brand | clutch - toni | arm cuff - lucky brand

Stuck in Winter, Ready for Spring

Introducing Ms. Alexandra Greiner -- studying Fashion Design and Marketing at Syracuse University.
After being stuck in this cold weather, the sky finally cleared up and Alexandra agreed to put together a Spring Break in the City outfit for me to shoot. 1 more week till Break! I can't wait!

Alexandra is starting her first and newest scarves collection that she will be selling very soon! We are anxiously waiting... but for now, you can check out her post about the behind the scenes of making the scarves here

Slipping In-N-Out of Thanksgiving

New York City

Shanghai Cafe

 Into the Woods of SF

 In-N-Out! mmm So good!

With only 2.5 days in SF, we made the most of our trip by spending time with his family, enjoying a foggy morning with the redwood trees, eating lunch at In-N-Out and stopping by Hooters to check out... the chicken wings. :) We then spent the afternoon at Pier 39, admiring the street performers and reminiscing about our childhood.