The Orange Beanie

We went to SF for a quick weekend trip before I started working at Sony. We wanted to stay close to my cousins and found this cute and photogenic place to stay! I've been to SF a few times with my family but never got the chance to really explore it the way I want to. But this time, we got to hit all the places we've been wanting to see and hit all the cute hipster coffee shops.

In my last style post, I talked about how I get styling tips from Feng, so I wanted to show you an outfit that I really liked.

life lately: in SF

Soooo.. I haven't posted in awhile.
I was looking through all the pictures that I've taken so far since my last post.
There were so many that I liked!
I've decided to separate them and do a recap series.

Recap 1: Bay Area
I went to San Francisco a few weeks ago for the World of Dance Bay Area dance competition. 
Got to meet and work with some amazing and inspiring dancers.
And of course in between the crazy running around during the show and video shoots, we got some down time to explore a little bit!

Video shoots for World of Dance

Step Boys and Feng

Step boys and Feng's video coming soon! Watch out for it here!


So much has been happening the past few weeks I haven't had time to update my blog!
But here is something I did a few weeks ago:

I went on a wine tour in Sonoma and was spoiled by not only the elegant and complexity of the wine produced by this vineyard, but was also was blown away by the stunning house. 


Unfortunately, I can't show too many photos of the house, but it was gorgeous. The choices in furniture, shades of wood and artworks made the house feel very cozy yet modern. 
You can find some of the furniture @ Restoration Hardware.


We had a delicious homemade lunch and topped it off with some coconut cupcakes.

Just settled into LA! Hopefully, I'll have time to do another post soon.

Slipping In-N-Out of Thanksgiving

New York City

Shanghai Cafe

 Into the Woods of SF

 In-N-Out! mmm So good!

With only 2.5 days in SF, we made the most of our trip by spending time with his family, enjoying a foggy morning with the redwood trees, eating lunch at In-N-Out and stopping by Hooters to check out... the chicken wings. :) We then spent the afternoon at Pier 39, admiring the street performers and reminiscing about our childhood.