The Boots I Bought Twice

A few months back, I brought my first pair of over-the-knee boots on our weekend trip to Sacramento as I thought they’d be perfect for the weather and everyday sightseeing. During the trip, I tagged along with Feng on a photoshoot that he was doing for singer, Vince Vicari. Little did I realize we were going to be standing in a muddy open field for a few hours! Mud stuck to all of our shoes, and it took some time to shake most of it off afterwards, but unfortunately, some of the mud sunk deep into my faux suede boots. Thankfully, these boots were so affordable I decided to chuck my old, muddy ones and buy a new pair! I really do recommend these if you're looking for a fun over-the-knee! :) They also conveniently come in either flats or platforms! Check them out at the bottom of the post!
Long Cardigan - Zara (similar here) | Striped tank - Urban Outfitters | Sunglasses - Aldo (similar here, here)
Purse - Kate Spade Saturday | Watch - Vivienne Westwood | Jeans - Zara | Boots - H&M

- C