dance dance dance

I've always been afraid to put up dance videos because I'm still learning. But thanks to all my family and friends who have encouraged me to put one up, I finally did it!!!

Hope you like it! 
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Thank you Emily for learning this dance in a day and recording it with me! 
(She is only 15 and a ballet dancer!!) 
Tweetergram: @emilywylu

Thank you mumsies for helping me record the video :) love you

Thank you NINJON, my amazing roomie for teaching me how to edit, film and produce videos.
Tweetergram: @jyshih21

World of Dance LA Tour

Check out this awesome video Jon edited for the World of Dance!

I am so sad that I won't be in LA for that but the line-up looks AMAZING!!
If you are in Cali or will be visiting the week of April 7th, it's definitely an event you cannot miss.

The line up can be seen here.

Event is on April 7th at the LA Convention Center, go get your tickets at