Looking In, Looking Round

There’s a “Before and After” post by Amber Interiors that I absolutely love and always feel inspired by. In this particular home, she uses a giant round mirror by the doorway and I feel like I’ve been seeing round mirrors everywhere since! I love that this tiny detail can really make the space look more unique, no matter your personal style. 

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(Pan)Tone it Down

I’m not usually drawn to pastel colors as much but I couldn’t resist jumping on the Pantone colors of the year bandwagon. Part of the reason why I love this years color choice is that they were inspired by the trend of seeking mindfulness and wellbeing. I can get behind that! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to find ways to spruce up the home with just a bit of the Rose Quartz and Serenity, using them as accent colors. I thought that this would help to make them more accessible to a minimalist fiend like me.

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Pimp Your Ikea

Have you heard of Superfront? This Swedish company manufactures beautifully crafted fronts, legs, handles, sides and tops that fit the common Ikea furniture. They offer you the opportunity to pimp out your Ikea cabinets, dressers and table tops and make it look stylish and fancy! 
Superfront prides themselves in using classic and high quality materials including brass, copper, leather and birch that is worth far more than its cost. They have carefully selected the color palette and created a large selection of sideboards that range from patterned to plain colors. 
Absolutely loving these gold and rose gold handles on white!
They are currently delivering all handles and legs only. You can select your region on the top left corner of their website to see what items are available to be shipped to your home!

photos from superfront | pinterest