Pimp Your Ikea

Have you heard of Superfront? This Swedish company manufactures beautifully crafted fronts, legs, handles, sides and tops that fit the common Ikea furniture. They offer you the opportunity to pimp out your Ikea cabinets, dressers and table tops and make it look stylish and fancy! 
Superfront prides themselves in using classic and high quality materials including brass, copper, leather and birch that is worth far more than its cost. They have carefully selected the color palette and created a large selection of sideboards that range from patterned to plain colors. 
Absolutely loving these gold and rose gold handles on white!
They are currently delivering all handles and legs only. You can select your region on the top left corner of their website to see what items are available to be shipped to your home!

photos from superfront | pinterest

Facebook Office in HK

Peep the Facebook office in Hong Kong, located on the 60th of One Island East tower, Quarry Bay, which is on the east side of HK island. The space is designed to reflect and infuse the culture of Hong Kong and the company - high quality furniture, open communal lounge areas, artworks on the walls designed by famous local artists, and an amazing harbor view. What do you think of it? It's quite different from what I think most of us would expect!
A facebook wall for staff and guests to leave comments and status updates.
massage chair with a view?! yes please!
yes I'd like to take a break from work and peep into people's houses!
Could I please get one of these for my cube? thanks :)

see more photos and read the full article here
photos from marketing-interactive.com


Last Sunday, we closed our laptops, gathered a stack of books at Barnes and Nobles and just read till the sun set. It was so much fun! I picked up some magazines but mostly enjoyed my time browsing interior design books. I wanted to share some spaces that I found the past week from my activities and from pinterest/books!
This awesome kitchen and bathroom belongs to the amazing space at the unique space that I got to see in person when I went to take a designlovefest workshop this weekend. If you need a place to host a party, definitely check them out!
Lovin the white tiles and shelves at juice served here. The juice is very good too ;)
I want this now!!! Great trunk, statue, posters and of course.. the record player - found in a book (forgot which one)
Headboard Ikea hack from sugar and cloth
Next decor post will be about Ikea hacks :)

5 Must Haves in my Dream Space

1. Big windows!
It's so important for me to have lots of natural light flowing into a work/living space. 
I work better with natural light and really changes my mood for the day!

2. Open Kitchen
Although the cooking smell does carry throughout the apt with an open kitchen, it's great having a breakfast bar, where you can still chat with friends while cooking!

3. Dining Area
This combination of dining table and chairs is effortless - not perfectly rectangular and just the right combination of chair colors.

4. Work Space
If you work at home a lot, it's important to have a nice work space. Can you believe this is from Ikea? So awesome! I am definitely going to look into this desk on the left.

5. Shelving
Shelves are super important! They take up most of your wall space so it's important to choose ones that match your personality and space.  Love these chairs too. :)

Well our taste changes all the time soo... in a year or so, I'll probably have 5 different must haves for my dream space.

See more spaces on our pinterest!


Looking for something to do this weekend in Syracuse?
Diavolo Dance Theater joins Syracuse for a week of Residency and shows off their talents this Friday at the Landmark Theatre.

Transit Space -- Where Dance and Skateboarding culture collide. 
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