Let's Get Organized

Waking up every morning at 6 in the morning from jet lag has given me a lot of time to get my life organized. My room is ten times cleaner than when I left it in December. I convinced my mom to leave work early to go Ikea shopping with me yesterday and came home with bags full of goodies. 
I'm going to make my room so cozy that I won't want to leave for LA!
 I love mason jars!
 Started to write again - jotting random notes down, creative ideas, and memorable moments.
 Bought some awesome plant buckets from Ikea and organized my bangles and bracelets.

 Dug up some old artwork from high school and put them up!
 Buckets for makeup!

 In love with these boxes! Super easy to put together and works perfectly for my scarves and other knick knacks.
Turned an old CD holder into an earring rack!