What's in My Pocket

It's October and Fall is trying to come, but Summer just doesn't want to leave! It was 93F (34C) this weekend so I got to bust out some good ole' overalls and enjoy the sun a little longer.

I love overalls! I simply love the hooks on the front, and how easy it is to match and change the mood of your outfit. You can go skater chick, then take off the cap, change up the shoes and dress up like hipsters [taylor swift song]. I like the kangaroo pocket on the front, but I hardly see anyone use it! Thought I'd give it a try ...... Super random I know but there is an explanation !
We went to a dinner party the night before and were all trying to balance a spoon on our nose. It was quite difficult! I blame it on my tiny Asian button nose for giving me a hard time. :\
what else could i put in my kangaroo pocket?
overalls - american apparel | photography by ryan feng

Happy Labor Day!

It's a good day for...
It was sooo hot and humid this weekend in LA, hitting 97F on Friday. It's supposed to get worse this week and continue in the 90s! So I figured, what a great time to bust out some comfy overalls and eat some ice-cream! I found these overalls in a random store on Melrose. I love how it's super light weight and not made of jeans material! 

As for the ice-cream, it's actually gelato. My good friend introduced Talenti to me when she came to visit and that's the only kind I consistently get now. Have you ever tried Talenti? If not... YOU SHOULD! I got all my friends hooked! You can get it at almost every grocery store - Ralphs, Whole Foods, Target... If you don't know which one to start with, try the Caramel Cookie Crunch (to die for!)!!!
overalls | melrose . necklace | homemade by me . bandeau | spain . talenti | ralphs