Adios 2015!

Hi, Courtney here! My 2015 was a rollercoaster ride filled with many road trips, making new friends, working a lot, and a few mishaps. I started the year with a fun trip to NYC visiting friends and enjoying the city for the first time with Feng. I love visiting NYC, where every corner is so photogenic but I gotta say, I really don't miss the cold!

After I came back from NYC, I caught something that took 3 doctors and 10 vials of blood to say that it was some kind of viral infection. I was bed ridden for 2 months and eventually my body was able to fight it. April rolled around and I took a quick trip to San Diego with my parents. 

Then my sisters came to visit LA for a lovely sister's trip along the coast of California. 

As my day job got more busy, the blog got more busy, bringing you guys some fun collaborations. 

To finish off the year, I sprained my ankle and was out for 5 weeks but still went to a few weddings.

I travelled home for Christmas with crutches and skipped all the long holiday lines at the airport. Wooo! My mom took me to see a Chinese doctor who does "physiotherapy", where they rub the swollen parts and force you to walk. It was so painful but I'm walking again!

- C


I find that it’s always good to recap the happenings from the year to truly appreciate all the wonderful experiences. I definitely lose myself in the daily grind and forget how much I did in just one year.  This one has been nothing short of amazing and I’m so grateful! There were a lot of firsts for me...

First time settling into my own home and furnishing it

First time to Italy

First Yeh sisters trip EVER where we celebrated Trish's birthday in style

First Business Trip to LA :) Working late together on a Friday made working late not so bad

First time skiing with the hubs

First time in Ottawa to see our nephew and their dog Onyx

Last but not least, our first time rescuing a dog.  Introducing for the very first time, our new family member - Joey!

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

- E


Another busy year done and feeling very blessed as I look back on everything that has happened in 2015. While my life is currently dominated by the kids, I was lucky enough to steal away for a few getaways this year, and especially enjoyed my trip with the sisters (our first trip with just the three of us!) and the Euro trip with Ed. Looking forward to another year of adventures (apparently, I am currently parenting a “threenager” (see this post - so true) and a "terrible two”, so that in itself is an adventure!) and new experiences!

Celebrated my birthday in LA with my sisters! Felt so young again :D

Trip with Ed to the UK and Amsterdam - our favourite place was Edinburgh and we were lucky enough to catch the Fringe Festival while we were there!

Another place we really enjoyed visiting was Bath in England

Attended six destination weddings this year! Here's Ed and I as groomsman and bridesmaid at Celeste and Oscar’s wedding in Phuket, Thailand

Survived another year with the two rugrats!

- T


Thank you everyone for following and supporting our adventures! Hope you all had a wonderful 2015 and see you in 2016! Happy New Year! :)


the Yeh sisters

Erin & Tim's Wedding

It's wedding season! We thought it'd be fun to share some of our favorite photos from Erin & Tim's wedding! Looking back at them make us feel so nostalgic and want to relive that day again! 

I know many of you are bridesmaids/maids of honor/best men for your friends, so here are also some great wedding ideas! 

DIY basket full of mini Mrs. Field's cookies for the guests

Super cute garden crate display on the reception desk (check out those photos here!)

A mailbox station for guests to drop a message w/ a polaroid!

Guest place cards

The secret MJ dance.. success!

Thank you DM for the lovely photos!

Goodbye 2014!

And another year gone! It has been a fun and super busy year for all of us, especially these last few months. It feels like only yesterday when we wrote a recap of all the amazing things that happened in 2013, and now we're diving straight into 2015! First off, I'd like to thank YOU so so much for coming to this site. We really appreciate every like, click, share, and comment that you give us, it's what makes us continue to share our passions, hobbies, and travels with you. I hope that we can continue to provide you weekly inspirations.. and feel free to write us anytime about anything you'd like to see or hear more of! :)

We'd like to take this time to reminisce and remember all the great things that have happened in 2014...


What a year! I don't know if it's mommy brain or if time just goes by faster when you're an adult, but I had to really sit down and look through my photo archives to find (and remember) my highlights of 2014. - Trish


watching these two rugrats grow another year older! - Trish

our baby style post - TEC

watching my nieces grow up through whatsapp photos - Court


DIY'd most of my wedding with my family - Erin

Being a part of Erin and Tim's wedding, and watching Maddie walk down the aisle while scattering petals like a pro! - Trish

Courtney (my awesome photographer) took fun pre-wedding photos around our neighborhood - Erin

Got married to this lovely gentleman :) - Erin
Had so much fun planning their wedding and being the maid of honor! - Court


Getaway with Ed, where we stayed at a castle in Tarrytown, NY - Trish

First time to Sony Pictures' studio lot in LA and going to work with Courtney! - Erin
Touched the Breaking Bad RV

Took a road trip to Coachella! - Erin & Court

First time to New Orleans... - Erin
... and it happened to be during Jazz Fest!

Took a hen trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia with my best friends... - Erin

A quick trip to Sacramento - Court

Witnessed the #occupycentral protest in HK - TEC

Moved into our very own empty home - Erin


dancing with the pros - Court

Working with amazing new friends and artists - Court

Featured on AlexMika Jewelry

Our little staycation, which then got featured on NastyGal and Jeffrey Campbell!


Got some quality family time

First Christmas with the hubs at the Yeh household, it comes with a customized stocking! - Erin

Creating Mom and Dad's Christmas present - an album filled with old photos and reenacted "new" photos. This particular photo was taken 23 years ago!

Have a wonderful beginning of 2015 and we'll talk soon!

Shred the Mountain

Last month, I got to take a little time off from work and hit the slopes in Vail with my dad. It was a really nice getaway from the warm weather and just let loose in the mountains. Little did I know that it was going to be -20F! It was so cold many of the locals stayed in! By the time I landed back in LA, I was so grateful for the warm weather. 

The last time I skied before Vail was 3 years ago. So my first day was pretty rough, trying to remember techniques my dad had ingrained into my brain since I was young. Then reminiscing on those days when I "pizza-ed" all the way down or better yet, took off my skies and slid on my butt. 

This trip was a little different. I was skiing with my dad and a few of his buddies (who ski regularly). Uh uh.. no way I was going to let these "old-farts" school me! I was really determined to keep up with them!
With the new policy on the plane, I was able to keep my phone on airplane mode and snap some beautiful photos from above!
Day 1 - Gorgeous blue skies but -20F
Hitting the blacks and the double blacks.. Yikes!
Here's a quick little video I put together of my 3 days in Vail! Enjoy!