Shred the Mountain

Last month, I got to take a little time off from work and hit the slopes in Vail with my dad. It was a really nice getaway from the warm weather and just let loose in the mountains. Little did I know that it was going to be -20F! It was so cold many of the locals stayed in! By the time I landed back in LA, I was so grateful for the warm weather. 

The last time I skied before Vail was 3 years ago. So my first day was pretty rough, trying to remember techniques my dad had ingrained into my brain since I was young. Then reminiscing on those days when I "pizza-ed" all the way down or better yet, took off my skies and slid on my butt. 

This trip was a little different. I was skiing with my dad and a few of his buddies (who ski regularly). Uh uh.. no way I was going to let these "old-farts" school me! I was really determined to keep up with them!
With the new policy on the plane, I was able to keep my phone on airplane mode and snap some beautiful photos from above!
Day 1 - Gorgeous blue skies but -20F
Hitting the blacks and the double blacks.. Yikes!
Here's a quick little video I put together of my 3 days in Vail! Enjoy!

Stuck in Winter, Ready for Spring

Introducing Ms. Alexandra Greiner -- studying Fashion Design and Marketing at Syracuse University.
After being stuck in this cold weather, the sky finally cleared up and Alexandra agreed to put together a Spring Break in the City outfit for me to shoot. 1 more week till Break! I can't wait!

Alexandra is starting her first and newest scarves collection that she will be selling very soon! We are anxiously waiting... but for now, you can check out her post about the behind the scenes of making the scarves here

lazy friday

today was a beautiful day. the sun finally came out behind the dark snowy clouds
 although i didn't celebrate outside in the freezing cold, my roommate and i brewed some hot tea,  made some yummy lunch and lazied around checking out websites and watching tv