Getty Villa

Got to check out the Getty Villa a few weeks back with my besties! When you finally park and get inside, it really feels like you're not in LA. Basically, the villa is a re-creation of a first-century Roman country house. Mr. Getty loved collecting ancient art but had no where to store them so he built two museums to showcase them! Sadly he passed away before the Villa was finished building, so he didn't get to see it. I always tell people that the Getty Museum is so beautiful it'd be great for a giant princess wedding, and the Getty Villa is for a romantic fantastical European wedding. If you're in LA, this is cool spot to visit! There's no entrance fee, just parking fee of $15.

5 Emergency Valentine's Day Ideas

Did you totally forget this Saturday was Valentine's Day? Are you out of ideas on what to do because the good restaurants are full and you don't want to get him/her flowers and chocolates? Here are 5 last minute emergency ideas based on a scale of laziness, 1 being extra lazy to 5 being boyfriend or girlfriend of the year... 

1. Buy a Reservation
Ever heard of buying a reservation? Yea.. you can do that.. *poof* mind-blown! With Resy and Killer Rezzy, you can now reserve a table at those restaurants with impossible lines and ridiculous waits for a fee . Its like slipping the host a 20 to cut in line except through an app. 

2. Cook at home with Plated

If you want a romantic dinner at home but don't have time for a quick trip to the super market, try Plated. You can choose any item from their weekly selection of dishes and they will deliver you all the ingredients you need plus the directions.  

3. Spa Day at Home

Instead of spending $200 on a spa day package at a fancy hotel, how about a spa kit from Body Shop and spend the night comfortably in your own bed!

4. Have an Adventurous Night

There are hundreds of things you can do in a city besides eating at a fancy restaurant. How about having an adventurous night by choosing a random show, concert, or event and let the night take it's own course! You can find a bunch of activities on Time Out!

5. Staycation

Staycations are so much fun! And with the help of airbnb, you can find a cute little apartment somewhere not too far from home and see the city from a different perspective! Better yet, take advantage of this long weekend and take a surprise road trip!

As for me, I'll probably be having a super productive work day at home, or I'll sit on my couch, order in and binge watch Netflix all day. The latter definitely sounds more enticing :)


For Erin and Tim's wedding, we decided to put together cute DIY wedding favors. They had previously bought mini baskets from Thailand, and all we needed was a touch of colorful ribbon. Of course, there's no place better to get it than Sham Shui Po! If you've never been before, it can be very confusing and overwhelming! So we wanted to share with you how to navigate through these crowded streets of SSP, and some of the stores that we went into! And if you're just visiting Hong Kong, this is a pretty neat area to walk around too! 

If you are going by MTR, you can exit through A2. Walk down Apliu St - an electronics market, and the ribbon stores will start at the intersection of Apliu St and Nam Cheong St. You will find ribbon stores after another. Stores are usually open between 11am - 6 pm. They are NOT open on Sundays (we made that mistake a few times).
Each store has its own unique set of ribbons, and you may not be able to find the same exact type throughout the street. One important tip is that, if you want a large amount of the same kind, you can pre-order from them! It's best to have a sample of what you want so you can save time browsing their ceiling to floor collection.
We stopped at a few stores, but bought most of our ribbons from Sang Hing Ho Webbing & Dyeing  (128 Nam Cheong St).
If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us!
dress - cotton on | necklace - j.crew | backpack - log-on | flats - maude frizon

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photos by Ryan Feng