There's something really calming about looking at these minimal kitchens. Though in reality, it is so difficult to have nothing on the counters, I often wish I could keep my kitchen as clean and sleek as these ones. I just love the combination of colors and materials!


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DIY: Hand Painted Cloth Napkins

Some of my kitchenware inspirations come from Etsy, West Elm, and Fancy. And I stumbled upon some super cute napkin designs for entertaining. But since I don't do that very often, I decided to come up with a super easy way to make them on my own!

All you need is...
Cloth Napkins (I bought mine from Target RE Pack of 10)
Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paint (Joann's)
Masking Tape (or this kind which is better)
Paint brush
and something to cover your table with (newspaper.. etc)

For these napkins, I've decided to use the Metallic color. 
With the masking tape, create any shape you want with and press in the inner sides so the pain doesn't leak. Then paint!

I decided not to put too much paint on it because I like the washed out look :)
For the circle pattern, I used an almost done Chapstick that I was ready to throw away and dipped it into the paint.
Since I used fabric paint, these napkins are washing machine friendly! Wash them once before using. Enjoy!!